Redeem your points for a percentage off your next XFX Allstar purchase and keep earning points toward your XFX Status level. 

Every 10 points you receive 5% off your next XFX Allstar order.


keep saving

Every 10 point increment earns you 5% off your next purchase. The more you purchase, the more you save and the closer you get to an XFX Status.

It is that simple.



Once you have earned enough points you receive an XFX Status level and the all the benefits that come with it. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Terms and Conditions:

* Points required to redeem a Reward at XFX Allstar will be publicly available on an order-specific basis with a $100 minimum and are subject to change without notice. Rewards will be applied in 10 point increments and will not exceed 10% off total order price. Rewards can not be withheld or combined with Status Level savings to exceed original value per order. 

** As an XFX Rewards member, you can retain all of your rewards points as long as you have earning activity posted on your XFX account at least once every 6 months. The expiration of your points will extend for another 6 months with any qualifying activity posted on your own XFX account in the form of apparel orders totaling over $100, or paid choreography services only.

*** XFX Rewards cannot be applied to set-up fees, taxes, or design fees. 

**** Terms and conditions apply. Subject to XFX Allstar approval. XFX Allstar maintains the right to deny rewards to any client/customer without notice or discretion.

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