Get closer to your next reward with more ways to earn points from both apparel and choreography at XFX Allstar. 

Earn 5 points every time you use any XFX Allstar service.


keep earning

Every $100 purchase you make earns you five points and every point you get to keep. Points continuously increase and rollover to every future purchase within a 6-month window.*

up your sTATUS

We’ve got a lot of love for our loyal customers, and we have a few ways we like to show our appreciation. XFX GOLD Status is your ticket to special treatment and even greater discounts on our high quality apparel.

Terms and Conditions:

* Points required to redeem a Reward at XFX Allstar will be publicly available on an order-specific basis with a $100 minimum and are subject to change without notice. Rewards will be applied in 10 point increments and will not exceed 10% off total order price. Rewards can not be withheld or combined with Status Level savings to exceed original value per order. 

** As an XFX Rewards member, you can retain all of your rewards points as long as you have earning activity posted on your XFX account at least once every 6 months. The expiration of your points will extend for another 6 months with any qualifying activity posted on your own XFX account in the form of apparel orders totaling over $100, or paid choreography services only.

*** XFX Rewards cannot be applied to set-up fees, taxes, or design fees. 

**** Terms and conditions apply. Subject to XFX Allstar approval. XFX Allstar maintains the right to deny rewards to any client/customer without notice or discretion.

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